ONICS - Intelligent Car Systems

So, what is ONICS?

As transportation and mobile computer technology continue to develop, more and more people are looking for ways to integrate their smartphone into their vehicle for music, entertainment, and other connected usages. ONICS Corporation is a San Diego, California based car aftermarket company that developed a proprietary system that aims to accomplish that goal, and so much more for the consumer.

With our patented double-din unit, ONICS allows the consumer to unlock the power of their smart phone to not only be used as their in-dash radio, but also as a GPS, and even further granting access to information ranging from the temperature outside to the temperature of your engine coolant. Your music sounds best with ONICS. Our head units have the best audio components and some of the latest in-dash technology for WI-FI, Bluetooth, and connectivity. The ONICS system unlocks all the power and capability of a smart phone, software applications, as well enhanced user interfacing to create a safer, smarter, and better way to drive.