ONICS began as a vision of Aaron Speach, who drove to work everyday witnessing various people using their smart phones in the car in different ways. Some were using a suction-cup to hold their phone on the windshield with cables dangling down over their dashboard, while others had their $700 smart device nestled in a cup holder next to a cup of coffee. As he worked in electronics retail at the time, he realized many of his customers would ask about the ways of connecting their phone in the car, and often they were disappointed to find the solutions that were available left much to be desired. That was when Aaron came to the idea of ONICS, and started working on designs more than 3 years ago.

Since Aaron came up with the idea years ago, many great accomplishments and progressions have led to where the company is today; which is still young and in early stages. Aaron has brought on a solid team of various talents, including the Chief Operations Officer: Chad Sherwood. Aaron had worked with Chad in the same retail store years ago, and a good working relationship and equal desire to create a technological change in the world led to their collaboration in ONICS. Through their early work and even recent advancements, Aaron and Chad compiled an illustrious team of tech-heads, electrical and mechanical engineers (some from the DoD and others from Texas Instruments), Marketing greats with solid backgrounds, and many other people who have worked for some of the largest names in the auto space.

ONICS understands that a great idea, is only as great as it's execution. The people at ONICS are those that place the priority on delivering on a dream with quality, dedication, and precision.

Our Team

Aaron Speach - ONICS Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Speach
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Speach is the inventor of the ONICS system, and the Founder of ONICS. He has spent the last three years bringing his idea to fruition, and has led the product design to the market. He has several years of management experience, overseeing a $40 million department in the electronics retail industry, yet he spent many years working in the trenches of retail. It was during that time he developed an understanding of customer needs, and the necessity for connectivity and integration in multiple technology spaces. Aaron has patents that have been awarded to him in the electronics field, as well as others that are pending currently.

Chad Sherwood - ONICS Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Chad Sherwood
Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Operations at ONICS is overseen by Chad Sherwood. Chad has background in the automotive space, founding an online automotive enthusiast accessory offering, which is widely recognized in the aftermarket community and is growing annually. Like Aaron, Chad also spent several years overseeing a $130 million segment in the electronics retail industry, as well as held many Management positions in his 10 years of experience with big-box retail. Chad also spent time working as a part-time sales representative for a large electronics retailer, and it was around that point in time that he met the Founder of ONICS: Aaron Speach. Additionally and more recently, Chad has worked as an Area Manager for a major telecom company, overseeing hundreds of employees and 11 Corporate Store locations, all the while continuing to sustain and grow his automotive accessory company.

Robin Bisarya - Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, ONICS

Robin Bisarya
Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

Robin Bisarya has extensive experience working with startups - gaming, big data, technology, hardware and communications; raising venture financing, partnerships and acquisitions. Currently, he is involved as Director of Raj Group of Newspapers and TV, and MBH NRG LLC which designs power infrastructure internationally. Bisarya has a proven track record of directing global corporate strategy and operations, finance, big data infrastructure, medical data management, security and analytics, storage systems working and partnering with industry leaders like Ford Motor, WIPRO, TATA, and Cirrascale Corp. Immediately prior to Cirrascale, at Perminova, Bisarya was responsible for big data and medical data security and raising capital for the venture. Prior to joining Perminova, Bisarya provided private equity management and due diligence services to a range of technology firms. He specialized in working with investors from India looking to invest in companies doing business in healthcare and technology companies. Previously, he was a founder of EzeeLink®, a wireless devices middleware company. He also led development of the wireless products and services strategy for Wingcast, a wireless telematics company that was a joint venture of Ford Motor Co. and Qualcomm. Bisarya also served as e-Business Manager and Controller of Eastern Operations at Ford. He received his MBA as well as his MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, and a JD degree in International Business Law and Taxation.

Peter Speach - Chief Marketing Officer, ONICS

Peter Speach
Chief Marketing Officer

After graduating from the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus Ohio with a BFA in Advertising, Peter Speach began his career as an assistant art director in the early 1980's at an exciting boutique agency known as Salisbury/Salisbury in New York City. He moved from there to a position as a full art director at Grey Advertising in Manhattan before moving on to Foote Cone Belding in San Francisco, and from there to BBDO and NW Ayer in Los Angeles. Peter has worked on such notable accounts as Apple Computer, Coldwell Banker, Iberia Airlines, Bumblebee Tuna, Bend Door Company, Broken Top Properties, Schlage Locks and many, many others. With his entrepreneurial instincts kicking in, he launched his own graphic design business, PS Marketing Communications 10 years ago. As chief creative officer, he works on dozens of accounts spanning every category from retail and consumer to business-to-business and Direct Sales. He also became an expert in developing and executing highly successful innovative strategies in direct response, direct sales and advertising campaigns. Peter works closely with his vendors to meet the highest quality end product for his clients.

Wendy Yamamura - VP and Director of Planning and Operations, ONICS

Wendy Yamamura
VP and Director of Planning and Operations

Wendy’s expertise is in helping businesses meet financial targets by getting the right product to the right place at the right time. Wendy is a seasoned Planning Executive with over 25 years of experience with a variety of Fortune 500 companies. She has managed diverse business models from Core replenishment at Levi Strauss to Fast turning products at Tommy Hilfiger and Esprit. Wendy is also a subject matter expert in helping business teams become more operationally efficient.